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Filtra-Sol (solar filter for greenhouses)


Filtra-Sol is a solar filter for the control of the climate inside the greenhouse. Filtra-Sol is sprayed onto the plastic or glass covering of the greenhouse and reduces excessive heat and light radiation which can produce problems with plant development and production. In addition, Filtra-Sol protects the greenhouse’s cover and metal structure.
With Filtra-Sol applied on the greenhouse cover, part of the sun’s radiation is reflected lowering significantly the temperature inside the greenhouse during the maximum heat hours. This allows the plants to grow and develop without stress, gives better fruit settings to vegetable crops, stronger stems and better bloom development for cut flowers, a better maturation leading to higher quality and allows for a more comfortable working environment.
Filtra-Sol is absolutely harmless to metallic materials, especially galvanized structures. Filtra-Sol is non phitoxic-not dangerous for plants and for humans.

Safety Data Sheet

SDS Filtrasol